Storage Services

If you’re unfamiliar with storage services, the concept might sound a little strange. Why would you want to store your items in a location beyond your own home? You may not realise that there are many answers to that question. This is a popular service for a reason. When customers approach us to rent a storage space, they do so with diverse motivations.

It’s good to understand how this service works in case you ever need it in future. Rocket Removals in Liverpool is well known for its extensive removals offerings; however, some people might not know that we also provide storage space for rent. This makes us an incredibly convenient option for many. Not only will we rent the storage space, but we’ll also collect the items to put in it!

Have you ever wished that you had more space to store your stuff? Most of us have at some point! Thanks to services like ours, this wish can become reality. We offer units at an affordable price, so the next time you find yourself longing for a little more room, remember us. Our prices are amazingly accessible. You’re bound to be pleasantly surprised.

If you wish you knew more about storage services, you’re in the right place. Let the team at Rocket Removals explain what they entail and why they’re used by so many people in the local area. We’ll also provide some top tips for you when it comes to renting a storage space of your own.

When Do I Use Storage Services?

Because this is such a flexible service, it can be useful in a whole range of scenarios. That means it’s highly likely that you’ll need a storage unit at some point in your life. Still not convinced? Here are just some of the motivations that bring customers to Rocket Removals for storage solutions.

When families experience change, storage space often comes in handy. For example, during a divorce, there may be items that need to be stored until their long-term destination can be determined. The same applies to a death in the family: a storage unit can function as a safe place to keep your loved ones’ belongings.

If you have a child, they may head off to university one day. Chances are, they won’t take everything they own with them. You might not want to get rid of these precious possessions yet, though. So why not store them in a unit with Rocket Removals Liverpool?

When people move home, storage units can make the process seamless. When staging your home, putting objects in storage can make it easier to display your property’s features. No prospective buyer wants to see a cluttered house! What if you have to leave your old place before the new one is ready? Simple! Put your items in a storage unit in the meantime.

If you have a business or a hobby that necessitates specialist equipment, you might consider storing that equipment in a unit. This will protect it and keep it out of your home, freeing up living space.

Why Do I Choose Rocket Removals Liverpool for my Storage Service?

Hopefully, you’re now more aware of the many benefits of storage services and the different scenarios in which you might find this service particularly useful. If you’ve realised you might need one, remember that Rocket Removals has an amazing solution available.

Wondering why you should choose our service over the competition? Here are some of the reasons. It’s an affordable service; we don’t overcharge for use of a storage unit. That means you can access our service whenever you need it.

Another great reason is the reputation that Rocket Removals has. In Liverpool, we’re well-known as a company that can be trusted. This is very important when choosing a business to take responsibility for your possessions.

You’re probably thinking “Rocket Removals? Don’t they provide removals services?” Yes, we do. We can combine removals services with storage space to offer an extra layer of convenience to our customers. You don’t even need to transport your items to your storage unit. We’re happy to do that for you!


We’re accustomed to delivering an excellent standard of customer service. Rocket Removals is characterised by the fact that we say yes to as many as possible of our customers’ requests and we adapt our services to meet the needs of our customers.

If you want a dependable and affordable storage solution that also comes with optional removals services, then we’re the obvious choice. In the Liverpool area, Rocket Removals is a beloved local company with experience in providing removals and storage support. What else could you ask for?

Things to Keep in Mind When Renting a Storage Space:

Before you rent a storage space, make sure you know the following things!

You’re entitled to ask for quotes. Feel free to compare different companies, what they offer, and what they charge before you make a final decision.

It’s smart to go to a trusted company. They’ve proven that they deliver consistently high-quality customer service. You’ll enjoy greater peace of mind than if you take a gamble on an unknown provider.

You should ask about insurance. If you want to know your property is covered, confirm this with your storage unit provider. Different policies have different terms.

You should talk to companies directly if you plan to store anything unconventional. Food products, for example, might be limited by certain rules. Otherwise, they can attract pests.

Not all storage spaces offer removals services. If that’s something you’re interested in, then a company like Rocket Removals is an ideal choice. We’re able to offer both.

You can rent a unit for short or long-term periods. Don’t hesitate to contact a storage company, no matter what your needs are.

It’s wise to take protective measures with your property. You might choose to wrap certain items in plastic, for example. Choose containers that are more durable than cardboard, and make lists of every item that’s inside.

You might want to find a storage unit nearby for added convenience. That way, you can access your possessions whenever you need them.

Storage units can be economically accessible. If you’re being quoted surprisingly high rates, ask around. Make sure you’re not being overcharged for this service.

Established companies like Rocket Removals can offer expert advice. Our friendly and professional team is happy to chat about your storage needs at any time, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.


How much does storage service cost?

It depends on what you need and where you go to hire your storage unit. If you plan to store a lot for a long time, this will cost more than a shorter stay. If you choose a company without researching your options, you may end up being overcharged. Stick with trusted local firms for safety.

Are my belongings insured at storage service?

Insurance policies differ between companies, so your best bet is to check this directly with your provider. Make sure you’re aware of the criteria you need to meet in order to make a claim. This way, you won’t be disappointed if the worst does happen! Instead, you’ll be informed and prepared.

How do I make sure my stuff at the storage service is safe?

To store items safely, choose a company with a great reputation that can be trusted to responsibly handle your items. The best way to do that is to make sure reviews and reputations are positive. Another step you can take is protecting your stuff before you place it in storage. Plastic wrap and waterproof containers help!

How to choose the best storage space?

Everyone has different reasons for hiring a storage space. However, they largely want the same things from the experience: affordability, a safe place, a team they can trust, and service that will meet their needs. In the Liverpool area, Rocket Removals can provide exactly that. So give us a call!

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