Commercial Removals

Here at Rocket Removals, we know removals. We’ve performed all kinds of removals in the Liverpool area for years now. One of the many services we offer is commercial removals. We understand the ins and outs of this particular work, and we know what’s needed to successfully plan and execute this type of relocation. 


One thing that a commercial removal definitely needs is an in-depth plan. Usually, a company will allocate someone within the organisation to coordinate the relocation. This is the person who gets in touch with us. Together, we’re able to create a detailed plan based on the specific needs, timescale, and budget of the customer.

This plan would list every task that needs to be done for the move to be successful. Then, a deadline would be assigned to the job as well as a responsible party. The cool thing about involving our company at an early stage is that we can take on as many tasks as possible to help the commercial customer. We don’t just do the heavy lifting, you know!

We are known as an efficient removals service that uses strategy and skill to minimise delays and disruption. This is even more important when it comes to commercial clients because the slightest problem could create a snowball effect. We understand that we need to get this right for the sake of your business and that stakes are high.

There are so many advantages to getting an experienced firm like ours onboard with your relocation. We’re happy to support our commercial customers through the process and go the extra mile to provide a convenient service. The affordable rates that we charge here at Rocket Removals keep us popular with our Liverpool clients.

If you’re new to the world of commercial removals, don’t worry! We aren’t. And we’re prepared to teach you what we know. Read on for more information about our service and the little things you need to know for your business to relocate successfully.


What Makes Commercial Removals Different 


Although there are plenty of removals services operating in Liverpool, not all of them have our level of experience. They are especially unlikely to have our specific experience with commercial removals. And they are different! This work diverges from the typical house removal in many ways. For example, the scale of the jobs that we handle.

Of course, a large office removal is a much bigger task than a normal house or apartment move. That means it requires more manpower, more resources, and more detailed planning. Thankfully, this is all included in the Rocket Removals service. We have what it takes to do this work.

We perform this work in a range of contexts. We might be asked to move a business between two offices, two retail units, two warehouses, or two stores, for example. Each location comes with its own safety regulations and its own challenges. Our experience equips us to meet these challenges and abide by these regulations without any issue.

Another important difference is what we actually transport during commercial removals compared to domestic ones. While domestic removals include a lot of furniture and some appliances, commercial ones necessitate the handling of expensive equipment. This is complex and sensitive work, but we have the skills and knowledge to do this.


Often during commercial removals, we have to assemble furniture or pack furniture carefully to protect it. We are happy to take responsibility for different parts of your plan if you need extra support. That’s why it makes sense to get us involved as soon as possible. We might be able to help in ways that you wouldn’t expect! 


We take your timescales seriously during commercial removals. We understand that delays could have a negative impact on your business operations, so we will take preventative steps to avoid these problems. 


Why Do I Choose Rocket Removals for Commercial Removals 


Ok, so you’re planning a commercial removal and you need to find a removals firm. Which company should you choose? There are so many claiming to provide excellent service and the best prices. In the Liverpool area, we believe Rocket Removals has everything you need. But don’t take our word for it! Read on to learn more about our service.

We have a strong reputation in the local community. We’ve been doing this work for a long time, and we’ve only got better and better at it over this time! That’s why people in the area recommend us to their friends and return to our services.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the removals industry and, in particular, commercial removals, we’re able to perform our work with remarkable efficiency. We’ll do the job extremely well, without cutting corners, but we’ll do it quickly and effectively.

While we work, you can leave your team to continue holding down your business. Delegating tasks to us will free them up to focus on other activities. We’re proud to offer our services at affordable rates, so you’ll find that they’re compatible with your business’ budget.

Because we’re an established, trusted company with heaps of experience and excellent rates, we’re a great option for businesses that are relocating in and around the Liverpool area. 


Things to keep in mind when Hiring a Commercial Removals Company 


When the time comes for you to book a removals firm, we urge you to think carefully about your decision. You’re going to trust this firm with the success of your relocation, so take the selection process seriously! Research a little and find out who the local business community recommends to handle this work. In Liverpool, that’s Rocket Removals.

You should contact removals firms and ask for quotes. You’re entitled to ask for this even if you don’t end up making a booking. Ask each firm what their service includes, what their service costs, and whether their service includes insurance coverage. This will help you make an informed decision. 


You should book your removals firm in advance. If you leave it to the last minute, then you will have limited options. It’s better to ensure you’re on the calendar of your preferred company as soon as possible. 


How much do commercial removals cost?

There’s no one fixed price for all commercial removals. That makes sense since each job is so different. When you contact a removals firm, they will ask you questions about the job to determine how much it costs. Some firms are more expensive and others are more affordable. With a little research, you can ensure you get the best possible deal. 


How do I make sure my commercial removals are insured?

You can ensure your removal is insured by either hiring a company that has comprehensive insurance coverage or by taking out a policy independently. Insurance is something you should talk about with any company you plan to hire. The assets that your firm will be transporting should be protected as much as possible.


What should I keep in mind for safety when hiring a commercial removals company?

There are several steps you can take to make your commercial removal safe. First, you can hire a reputable company that’s known for its reliability. Next, you can ask this company to pack your items for you using their knowledge of protective methods. Lastly, you can take out insurance on your job so your stuff is protected even if the worst occurs. 


Can commercial removals handle a big office removals job?

Each removal firm has its own capacity levels. Not every small removals firm can take on a big office removals job. They might not be the most effective or efficient choice for this kind of work. It’s best to find a firm that has experience in handling larger jobs. In Liverpool, Rocket Removals can take on larger commercial removals. 

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